3 Keys to digitize your consulting business

We are in the midst of an era of digital transformation and we see it reflected in the industry. This is the reason why we have decided to reveal the keys to digitize any consultancy, helping you to do what so many partners and managers of professional firms already do: to accelerate the digitization of the business to increase efficiency, provide a more valuable service, improve customer acquisition and management and even streamline internal processes.

Why should consulting firms go digital? Main reasons and benefits

Although there are many reasons why you should start digitizing your practice, often the most decisive ones are:

You will improve task management

First of all, stop and think about what your office needs, what is your workload, what are the tasks you deal with and who usually takes care of them. Would it be interesting to have a software that includes task management among its functionalities?

On the one hand, you will be able to have better organized processes and manage the team in a more efficient and organized way.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that you will not forget tasks thanks to the alerts when they have been completed or are about to expire.

You will streamline processes

Which tasks are the most common and which are the most time-consuming? Finding a solution that automates and solves these types of tasks can make all the difference.

Filling in forms, insurance portfolio management, AEAT registrations… There are solutions for all kinds of needs and the result is always the same: giving customers a higher value service thanks to the agility with which their needs are met.

Keys and solutions for the digitization of consulting firms

To start the digitization process of any consultancy, we propose three specific points: to have all the information in digital format, to have real connectivity tools and to prioritize automation.

Information in digital format

According to recent studies, the level of digitalization of Spaniards is increasing and digital natives are beginning to be part of your customer base. Consult their finances, perform banking transactions… Why not allow them to have any information related to their business or professional activity at their fingertips on their computer or smartphone?

Imagine providing them with a personal space in the cloud where both you and they can consult and update all the information from any device. It would no longer be necessary to travel, be physically in the office or depend on work schedules.

Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive can be very good tools to start with.

Maximum internal connectivity

Getting the office’s internal team to have maximum connectivity can make all the difference. As we have already said, you could improve organization and task control.

Having the information always at hand, knowing what tasks they have assigned for each day and the urgency… Although there are numerous team and task management softwares, some widely used ones are usually Trello, Hubspot and Zoho CRM.


Automatic answers to certain questions, alerts according to certain dates, alerts if documentation is missing… Customers would continue to receive the same service while you would have more time to deal with other tasks.

Depending on which tasks you want to automate, you can use different tools. Among the most useful, depending on the need, we can highlight:


There are many consultancies that offer insurance to their clients. With this insurance software you will not have to worry about giving them prices, managing the contracting, providing information on coverage and exclusions… The tool will help you increase profits, incorporating a new line of income that will not take time away from other tasks.

WhatsApp Business

Like most businesses, you will receive a series of recurring messages. Frequently asked questions, messages outside of business hours… You can configure the application so that, depending on which messages, your WhatsApp responds for you automatically.


Perfect for freeing you from tasks such as preparing profit and loss reports, balance sheets, notification emails…

We can conclude that the secret to digitize and grow an office, is to achieve a balance between client-advisor comfort with the tools and a correct automation that leaves no need uncovered. Only in this way, any consultancy will be able to join the trend of digitization and be one of the first to carry it out successfully.

The firm’s employees will gain time and will be able to attend to more clients and tasks while differentiating itself from the competition in the eyes of clients.

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