How to advertise insurance on the Internet?

how to advertise insurance on internet

This is one of the questions asked by hundreds of people who sell insurance. Increasingly, both companies that traditionally sell insurance, such as brokers, agents or insurers, and non-insurance companies that have started to offer insurance as cross-selling, are trying to increase their sales by promoting insurance on the Internet.

Although not so long ago it seemed that this sales channel was reserved only for a few companies with large advertising budgets, the situation has changed radically. With a good marketing strategy, today anyone can create a website and launch advertising campaigns on Google Ads and social networks, no matter how modest their budget.

Is it worth advertising insurance?

Absolutely yes. Given the strong competition in the insurance sector, betting on alternatives that give you the possibility of giving more visibility to your company and your products is the best option.

In addition, advertising insurance online offers you advantages such as:

Segmenting at any level (locations, ages, gender, device, professional activity…).
Adapt your budget to the maximum
Get visibility and brand awareness
Work with one or more objectives (web visits, quotes, final sales, form submissions…)

Factors to be taken into account when advertising insurance

Since every business and its needs are different, we must stop and think about what our particular circumstances are:

Target or target audience

You need to be clear about who your audience is. This will define the audience you are targeting your ads to, making sure you put all your efforts into knocking on the right door.

Your audience will therefore be made up of a group of users who, given their qualities, characteristics and peculiarities, have a high probability of taking out your insurance policies.


These will be the expenses that will be allocated to advertising during a given period. You should be realistic and allocate a budget according to the economic capacity of the business.

Although there are many rules to define a budget according to the objective, let’s take the following example

Imagine that your objective is to sell insurance. You should mark the average profit margin that the sale of each policy leaves you, for example 10 €. This means that, as a minimum, if you invest 10 € you should be able to sell at least one policy. If your goal is to sell more than 20 policies per month, your monthly budget can be 200 €. Once the first month has passed, you will have to review the profitability and see if your ad or ads have been effective or if you should revise your advertising strategy.


It will be the medium through which you announce yourself to your customers. Although we will go into detail later, these are the most popular:

Ads on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn…).
Ads on Google (search ads, display ads…)


Finding yourself in front of an opportune moment or favorable trend can be a determining factor for your ads. You can enjoy better conversion rates, higher profit margins, fewer competitors…

But remember that by definition, all opportunities eventually fade away. So, whenever you find an opportunity to increase your income or get more profitability, hurry to take advantage of it before someone else does it for you.

Insurance features and benefits

Emphasizing the benefits and differentials of your insurance against the competition will not only save the potential client research time, it will put you in a privileged position against the rest.

Message and tone

Don’t forget that we want to persuade with advertisements, so you must be clear about certain aspects that will make your communications effective:

What do you want to communicate with your brand?

Determine the objective of your message: do you want to instruct, advise, inform…?

Who do you want to address?

It will help you tailor your message to what they are looking for or want to hear.

¿Qué canal usarás?

Keep in mind that, depending on the channel you use, the format of the message may vary. For example, in social networks they should be very visual, with videos, eye-catching images…

Advantages of digital marketing for insurance agents.

Given that few agents and companies have decided to start selling online, it is still easy to differentiate yourself and reach your target without having to invest too much money.

In addition, there are numerous ways, formats and strategies to advertise, so it is time to test and see what works best in your particular case.

Remember that to measure the effectiveness of any action, it is essential to have the Analytics pixel correctly installed.

Where to advertise our insurance?

Although you already know how to sell insurance on social networks, it is important that you are clear about the most used online platforms and channels to give visibility and promote the sale of insurance. Remember that these are just a few, but it is your job to determine which of them will be most beneficial in your strategy to advertise insurance.

Social networks

As we have already mentioned, advertising on social networks offers a very precise segmentation capacity that, if done correctly, can be very positive in terms of visibility and results.


Facebook is currently the social network with the largest number of registered users in the world, and virtually every brand has an audience on Facebook, providing a fast, cheap and effective way to reach them with a promotional message.


LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for doing business and attracting customers in the B2B sector. Although its best known function is to search and offer jobs, it has great potential for promoted content.

Its advertising management panel looks and works very similar to Facebook Ads.


Siendo la red social más popular en la actualidad, recurrir a Instagram puede ser una buena opción si buscas dirigirte a un gran volumen de personas.


Being the most popular social network today, turning to Instagram can be a good option if you are looking to target a large volume of people.

Tik tok

It is currently the platform that offers the most viralization facilities. In addition, companies and professionals are turning to TikTok to show their proximity.


Although you can advertise on other search engines for your SEM campaigns, we recommend starting with the most popular one. You will find much more information and tutorials and it will be the easiest way to target a large volume of users.

Advantages of advertising insurance

If you carry out an effective advertising strategy, you will gain a competitive advantage that will position you above other professionals and businesses that offer something similar.

Now that you know more about how to advertise insurance through different channels and media, you only need to optimize your resources and automate your products online.

In we offer an embedded software to make this functionality more comfortable and viable, a way to offer your insurance automatically, saving costs and time, fully customizable to the corporate identity of your business. Do not stay with the doubt, and consult with our professionals, receive the best advice to sell your insurance online and without difficulties.

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