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What is an insurance broker program?

When we talk about an insurance sales program, we are referring to technological solutions that do not require installation to use their functions. The user works with an online tool, so there is no need to download and update it.

In the case of policy sales, the insurance software makes it possible to serve customers more efficiently, reduce costs, automate business management, organize information… among many other advantages. The result is clear: the company can afford to increase its customer base without having to commit many resources, which translates into 100% efficient management.

Moreover, in the case of, this software synchronizes with marketing tools, creates quotation forms that can be integrated into any website, creates and interprets tracking pixels…

How does our insurance sales program work?

Our insurance sales program works by storing all customer information in one place. At the same time, it tracks policies and manages each customer’s data, allowing you to know what each customer needs.

This program offers operational freedom, as you will not be subject to the insurance company obtaining your information, allowing you to spend more time selling and less time managing the business.


Advantages of using the Program

Our software can help insurers and insurance agents optimize their business by centralizing information and data in a single system so they can manage customers, automate processes, improve customer service, manage policies and handle claims and complaints.

As the insurance industry is highly competitive, an insurance sales software becomes an essential tool to focus efforts and time on customers, maintaining agile communication and finding solutions to their problems.

It is also a multifaceted tool, as it allows workflow automation, which translates into greater business efficiency. 

Some of its main advantages are:

Increase your customer base and serve them successfully without effort, automate processes and gain new sources of acquisition.

With our interface, you will have instant information on the activity and history of your customers, and you will be able to respond to their needs in an automated way and on the spot, without the need for schedules, calls or people to perform tasks or steps manually.

Optimize your company’s efficiency in a simple and practical way. Your company will increase its prestige and will become a reference in the sale of online policies.

Thanks to our Sell Insurance Program, you can benefit from a digital tool 100% adaptable to your business, modifying the corporate colors, typography, automation, email content… No one will notice that it is an external solution.

It gives you the possibility to integrate the tool in any digital support, such as your website. Finally, you will be able to serve customers in a scalable and efficient way, which will allow you to increase profits and the size of your company.

Find solutions to customer problems in an efficient way to offer an excellent service and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Take advantage of the functionalities offered by our insurance sales program to give your customers 100% personalized attention, always offering them what they need.

This tool offers the possibility to customize your business, allowing you to reduce costs and resources by optimizing sales processes, reducing the time spent on the more technical and automatic activities of employees. 

In we provide you with a valuable asset that will bring benefits and profitability to your business.

You will be able to serve your customers in a scalable and efficient way, which will increase profits and the size of your business.

Our platform can be 100% integrated into any part of your website, app or other digital media. You can customize the colors, fonts… giving it the same aesthetics as your business.

Your customers will not notice that it is an external tool, and no additional development will be necessary.

You will be able to sell personalized insurance where and when the customer really needs it.

No cost, no development and ultra fast

Insurance sales program for non-insurance companies

This program is not only for companies that traditionally operate in the insurance sector.

Regardless of your company’s sector of activity, you can offer your clients policies in line with the product you offer, ensuring cross-selling, specialization in their sector and improving user satisfaction by identifying everything they need in their business.

Protect and take care of your customers by giving them the possibility to take out insurance once they have contracted a service. In addition, this insurance program embedded in your platform will allow them to choose the company that best suits their needs, giving them the possibility to compare and quote.

By offering this program embedded in your website, you will reinforce your image as a specialist and improve their satisfaction rate, avoiding the risk of leakage from your website.

Software platform, apps...

You will have the opportunity to complement your products with added value. Your customers need insurance to protect what they buy in your online store, so why not offer insurance? You can choose between :

- Offer it as an add-on 

- Include it in the add-on product

It doesn't matter what sector you belong to, or if you have a presence on the internet. The most important thing is that you know your customers, you know what they need and what options you can offer them when offering them your products, no matter if you have a traditional business.

In we offer you this insurance program to reward the trust of your customers by giving them access to the platform so they can manage it themselves or, if you prefer, you can manage it yourself from your personal area.

It is not necessary to have a website, the program is embeddable and independent.

Brokerages that offer professional policies, dealerships that give instant prices for car insurance...

In the investment world, brokers should be able to protect their clients, and for that there is no need to resort to any insurance software.

-Your employees will be able to streamline and automate their tasks with a customer management system (emailing, claims management, tasks, policy status, upcoming renewals...).

- Offer your customers the ability to calculate their price online. With this insurance program they will have access to a platform where they can recalculate as many times as they need, contract whenever they want...

Our program to sell policies online is an indispensable tool for insurers, as they offer a great customer service, not only retaining customers, but also preventing them from leaving in search of a better price,

With you will be able to attract new potential customers by recommendation and increase the authority of your business over your competitors.

With our program you will be at the forefront of innovation in online insurance sales.

Moreover, makes it easy for you to set up, since it is suitable for any size of business.


By implementing a sales program in a financial institution with Nowo.Tech, its effectiveness increases, giving it the ability to be more competitive, engage with more users and increase margins and profits.

A customizable tool for banks and other financial institutions to comply with all regulatory requirements!!

Program for companies operating in insurance

Are you a company specialized in insurance sales?

With our program you can simplify processes for online policy sales, since this tool is embeddable and by automating tasks offers the opportunity to increase profits and manage customer organization, ensuring high profitability for the company.

What are you waiting for to automate your insurance?

Scaling up insurance sales effortlessly

Why choose

Experience, dedication and vision are the skills with which we add value to the product we offer at to help companies achieve their goals.

A team of professionals trained to offer you a personalized service, even remotely.

At we know that the future of innovation in insurance sales lies in integration and automation, which is why we offer you this software.

Our digital solutions are adaptable to 100% of all companies, regardless:

Discover our functionalities

The options offered by our software are limitless. Whatever the type or size of your business, adapts and helps you sell policies online quickly and profitably.

You will have a system to automate and deploy the platform and its quotation systems in the page of your choice, in an easy and simple way with a code. This way, you can easily sell insurance without the need for external software.

Our embedded tool is a pioneer in digitizing the entire process and tasks of distribution and sale of policies. Acquisition, sales, service, claims, collection, management, customers, risks,...

There is currently no other insurance software on the market that satisfies as many needs as and that adapts to any type of company in any industry.

On the other hand, our features are designed to meet the needs of end customers, intermediaries and insurers alike. gives you the ability to effectively control and manage interactions with your customers and intermediaries. All this in a simple and intuitive way, being able to configure automatic tasks, administration and management.

We have become the most complete CRM for insurance in the market, providing solutions for all levels of technology, needs and business models.

Our solutions can be implemented on any website, application or digital media.

No technological development is required on your part and, thanks to its high level of customization and configuration, no one will notice that it is a solution outside your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the characteristic that our solutions have to integrate into your web, app or any digital support without your customers noticing that it is an external tool that does not require technological development on your part.

Our technology goes beyond the traditional meaning of integration. We digitize and streamline the sale of any insurance to sell insurance.

In all cases, yes. Our technology allows any business to sell insurance in a cost-effective and simple way. You don’t need to tie up resources and you can offer your customers what they really need, when it’s most convenient for them.

With our API, you receive an immediate offer and can close a policy in less than 5 minutes.’s solutions are fast and 100% tailored to every business, no matter what:

– Type of business

– Size and scope of business

– Level of technology

Our technology goes beyond traditional integration reports. We digitize and streamline the entire insurance sales process to sell insurance.

Competition in this sector is tough and gaining the trust of customers can be a difficult task. In this situation, actions such as providing them with the best experience in terms of agility, ease of communication, complaint resolution… are very effective.

For this task, using’s platform is the best decision. Thanks to its technology, all these tasks can be carried out without losing time or personalized treatment.

Its system allows potential customers to follow up on opportunities, automate activities and send emails and WhatsApp…

The process starts when the customer specifies the price of the policy they need.

The data is stored and mirrored in your admin panel, where you can track and qualify the particular user type.

Once you’ve signed a contract with us, we can access your data at any time to check payment status and next renewal, among other things.

The possibilities don’t stop here. Thanks to our development, you can :

– Know the origin of the signup (whether they came to your website organically, through a campaign on social networks, thanks to a mailing…).

– Automate notifications when the renewal is imminent.

– Customize the templates for emails and WhatsApp messages.

– Change the stage of the sales cycle you are in.

– Check the productivity of your employees

– Registration of new business opportunities

– Customer information assigned to the business opportunity

– History of the user’s evolution in the sales cycle

– Task management

– Block to add customer notes

– Segmentation

– Claims management

– Live chats

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