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Crm for insurance

What is a CRM for insurance?

A CRM, or as its definition indicates (Customer Relationship Management), is a software that includes digital solutions effectively, to address relationships with current and potential customers. In other words, a CRM for insurance can streamline the process of converting a potential customer into a sale and subsequently into a loyal customer.

This high-value tool not only allows us to improve the profitability of the business, but also allows us to detect the interest of a user, both trends and patterns for optimization in the process of selling insurance.

It is a software that provides specific solutions for the sale of policies. The objective of this is to solve needs and requests in the shortest time possible, reducing costs and resources effectively generating growth opportunities.

How does our CRM work?

Our CRM for insurance works by storing all customer information in one place. At the same time, it monitors the policies and manages the data of each of the clients, allowing us to know their needs.

This software offers freedom of operation, since you will not be subject to the insurance company to have their information, allowing you to spend more time selling and less time managing the business.

Advantages of using a CRM for insurance

With our CRM you will be able to sell more with less effort, automating your tasks and giving your customers the possibility to enjoy a 100% digital service.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with an insurance CRM focused on both your end customers and your employees.

Some of its most outstanding advantages:

Our platform is 100% integrable in any part of your website, app or other digital support. You can customize the colors, fonts… giving it the same aesthetics as the rest.

Your customers will not notice that it is an external tool and you will not need any extra development.

You will be able to sell personalized insurance where and when the customer really needs it.

You will be able to provide a fast and online service. Your clients will have instant solutions without losing personalization. Quotations, renewal notices, sending emails and Whatsapps… 

You will only have to dedicate yourself to mandatory manual tasks and clients that show more interest in hiring. This way you will save costs and your efforts will be much more effective.

Offer your clients other insurances that they may need according to their circumstances, profession, age, location… And let them know about new offers that suit them.

Thanks to our CRM, you won’t have to spend so much time serving customers and pushing sales to close sales. You will be able to dedicate yourself to other tasks or increase your customer base.

No cost, no development and ultra fast

Insurance CRM for non-insurance companies

At we do not only target businesses that traditionally operate in insurance. Regardless of your company’s sector, you will be able to offer policies to your customers that have an affinity with the product you offer, guaranteeing cross-sales, specializing in your sector and improving the satisfaction of your users by identifying everything they need in your business.

You can complement your apps or digital platforms where you offer your services with our 100% embeddable software, which will help you to position yourself above your competitors.

Maintenance service, tourist rental, travel...

Why not give an extra value to your services by giving your customers the possibility to insure their products without the need to leave your online store?

Cover their needs when purchasing your products with this software, in addition to increasing revenue and increasing the profitability of your business.

- Offer it as an extra

- Include it within the product you offer

Home appliance stores, cell phone stores, dealers, furniture,...

As an insurance company, more than anyone else you know what your customers need and what options you can offer them when it comes to your products. It doesn't matter if you have a traditional business.

In we put at your disposal this insurance CRM so you can reward the trust of your customers by giving them access to the platform so they can manage it themselves or, if you prefer, you can manage it yourself from your personal area.

It is not necessary to have a website, our platform is embeddable and independent.

Brokerages that offer professional policies, dealerships that give instant prices for car insurance...

No need to have a website, our platform is not only embeddable but also independent.

No need to use any insurance software.

-Your employees will be able to streamline and automate their tasks with a customer management system (sending emails, claims management, tasks, policy status, upcoming renewals...).

- Offer your customers the ability to calculate their price online. With this CRM for insurance they will have access to a platform where they can recalculate as many times as they need, contract whenever they want...

Would you like to work with a platform where your customers could quote, manage claims, save their policies... without having to depend on human resources to manage it?

Our CRM is an indispensable tool for insurance companies, since they provide excellent customer service, not only building customer loyalty but also preventing them from leaving in search of a better price,

With you attract new customers by recommendation and take care of the prestige of the business, as it is a fundamental aspect for potential customers who base their decisions on opinions on the Internet.

Our CRM is valid for any size of business.

By implementing a CRM solution for banks from Nowo.Tech, your financial institution can improve customer loyalty, become more competitive, interact with more users, increase margins and profits.

With CRM for banking, you move to a shared knowledge mode that puts the focus on the customer and ensures that all the teams in your organization really know what their needs are.

CRM for insurance companies

As a company specializing in the sale and distribution of insurance, the automation of this task offers the possibility of increasing and managing the organization of customers, providing high profitability to the business. Why not sell more for less cost?

Scaling up insurance sales effortlessly

Why choose

Years of experience in the insurance industry give us the privilege to develop an embedded software that will help you achieve your sales objectives.

With digital support, our team is qualified to provide a personalized service even remotely. For us it is paramount to provide the best customer and user experience.

We are digital vanguardists, our development team is always focused on the latest software technology trends. We keep our CRM versions updated so you can get the most out of it.

Our digital solutions are adaptable to 100% of all companies, regardless:

Discover our functionalities

The options offered by our insurance CRM are limitless. Regardless of your business type and size, adapts to you and helps you sell policies online quickly and conveniently.

You will have a system for automating and integrating the platform and its quotation systems everywhere. This way, you will be able to easily sell insurance.

Our platform for sell insurance is the first to digitize the entire process of distribution and sale of policies. Acquisition, sale, service, claims, collection...
There is currently no other insurance software that covers so many needs and is 100% adaptable.Our functions meet the needs of end customers, intermediaries and insurers alike.

With our Saas for selling insurance you can effectively control and manage interactions with customers and intermediaries. Always in a simple and intuitive way, being able to configure the automatic notification, task and management.

Our program for selling insurance is the most complete solution on the market. You will enjoy options adapted to any technological level, business model and needs.
Our embedded insurance can be integrated into any website, application or digital media. No technological development is required on your part and, thanks to its high level of customization and configuration, no one will notice that it is a solution outside your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the characteristic of our solutions to integrate into your web, app or any digital support without your customers noticing that it is an external tool that does not require technological development on your part.

Our technology goes beyond the traditional meaning of integration. We digitize and streamline the sale of any insurance to sell insurance.

Absolutely yes. Our technology allows any business to sell insurance profitably and easily. You will not have to allocate resources and you will offer your customers what they really need at the most relevant time.

Our API will give instant pricing and make it possible to take out the policy in less than 5 minutes.’s solutions are fast and 100% adapted to any company, no matter what:

– Type of business activity

– Size and volume of business

– Technological level

Our technology goes beyond the traditional integrable meaning. We digitize and streamline the sale of any insurance to sell insurance.

Competition in this sector is tough and gaining the trust of customers can be a difficult task. In this situation, actions such as providing them with the best experience in terms of agility, ease of communication, complaint resolution… are very effective.

For this task, using’s platform is the best decision. Thanks to its technology, all these tasks can be carried out without losing time or personalized treatment.

Its system allows potential customers to follow up on opportunities, automate activities and send emails and WhatsApp…

The process will start with the customer quoting the price of the policy they need.

The data will be recorded and reflected in your administration panel, where you will be able to track and qualify the type of user involved.

Once you contract with us, we will be able to access your information at any time to check the status of payments, next renewal, among others.

The possibilities do not end here. With our development you will be able to:

– Know the origin of the registration (if they accessed your website organically, through a campaign on social networks, thanks to a mailing…).

– Automate alerts when the renewal is near.

– Customize email and WhatsApp message templates

– Change the stage of the sales cycle you are in

– Check the productivity of your employees

– Registration of new business opportunities

– Customer information assigned to the business opportunity

– History of the user’s evolution in the sales cycle

– Task management

– Block to add customer notes

– Segmentation

– Claims management

– Live chats

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