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What is Embedded Insurance?

In recent years there has been a change in the consumption model, and therefore also in the sale of insurance. That is why when we talk about embedded insurance we refer to those protections or coverages that are included with a product or service automatically on a platform, that is, to obtain more affordable and personalized insurance for users.

An example of how embedded insurance works would be:

“When a person purchases a trip abroad;- This person would have to search different insurance companies to find a policy that covers him/her in case of an accident during the trip. Apart from the time invested, it is very likely that the total cost of the trip would increase considerably due to the insurance. The proposal of embedded insurance is that the travel agency through a simple embeddable code can offer the insurance that best suits the particular needs of the user. A system which your client will not perceive as an external tool”.

In addition, this model represents a new source of income that allows differentiation, attraction and customer loyalty.

As a result of this system; the company has the advantage of increasing its client portfolio without having to allocate so many resources, achieving a 100% effective management.

Is integrated insurance suitable for my business?

The answer is Yes, because in we offer a tool 100% designed for any business model, whether it has a website, app, or any type of platform to offer insurance.

What if my business is traditional? Don’t worry, with our tool you will be able to quote the policies of your customers, or allow them access to do it themselves, without the need to have a website or app.

Whatever sector you are in, you will be able to offer the opportunity to guide your customers in the interactive quotation of the purchase of their policies.

Ventajas de los saas para seguros

Advantages of using embedded insurance

With our automated and embeddable insurance model you will be able to sell more policies with less effort, automating your tasks and offering your clients the possibility of enjoying a 100% online service.

You will take operational advantage, since you will not be subject to the insurance company to give you the information, which will allow you to spend more time selling and less time managing the business.

You offer a unique service to your clients, improving your prestige and recognition in your sector.

Some of its most outstanding advantages:

Thanks to our embedded insurance tool you will enjoy a digital technology 100% adapted to the visual model of your company. Corporate colors, typography, automations, email content… No one will notice that it is an external solution.

You can integrate the tool in any digital support, such as web or app. Finally, you will be able to serve your customers quickly, effortlessly and efficiently. This solution will allow you to increase your revenue and the size of your business.

Provide your customers with other insurances they may need depending on their circumstances, profession, age, location… Thanks to AI and machine learning of our embedded software you will not need to focus on selling and reaching more people, this tool already works efficiently in offering the best policies to your loyal and new customers, notifying them of new offers and policies.

Increase the profitability of your sales by optimizing the efficiency of your company in a simple and practical way. Your business will grow in profits, value, prestige and will become a vanguard in the sale of online policies.

You will only have to focus on manual tasks and customers who show more interest in formalizing a contract. This way you will save costs and your efforts will be much more profitable.

Thanks to our embedded insurance software, you can benefit from a digital tool 100% integrable to your business.

At we offer you a model which is adaptable to any digital support, such as your website or platform.

You will scale your business sales efficiently and quickly, which will allow you to increase profits and the size of your company.

Make your potential customers choose you over your competitors. Offer them the opportunity to customize their policies, and provide them with a value proposition with embedded insurance that is not offered by other companies in your industry. Take competitive advantage and project prestige and exclusivity to your clients.

Gain more customers thanks to our tool where you give them the possibility to choose the policy that best suits them by comparing different insurers for the same product at an affordable price for the user.

No cost, no development and ultra fast

Embedded insurance for non-insurance companies is not only aimed at companies that operate in insurance, regardless of the sector, it is integrable and functional for any business.

The importance of this B2B /B2C model, the interaction of the end consumer with products, services, companies, social and commercial changes make embedded insurance facilitate the distribution of automated policies, is available to any business.

Protect and take care of your customers by offering them the possibility of taking out insurance after contracting a service. In addition, the insurance embedded in your platform will give them the opportunity to choose the company that best suits their needs, giving them the advantage of comparing and quoting based on their preferences.

By implementing this system on your website, you will increase your reputation and prestige, improving the perception that your customers have of your business, in addition to taking advantage of automation.

Software platform, applications, programs, sales platforms...

Position yourself at the forefront of embedded insurance technology and gain an online advantage in your ecommerce or marketplace, contributing to the satisfaction of your customers by incorporating this system for the sale of products, offering at the same time an insurance that protects them once purchased.

Provide them with customizable access to the policies they are looking for.

Meet their needs by embedding this insurance quoting system. You will also increase your income and the efficiency of the most manual tasks of your employees, making it an even more scalable and profitable project.

Online stores, markeplaces, transport agencies, travel agencies...

Reward your customers' trust by providing them with truly valuable insurance that matches what they demand.

Don't let the relationship with your customer cool once they have made a purchase from your business. Anticipate their needs and offer them an embedded insurance comparator to protect their purchase.

No need to have a website, our platform is both embeddable and standalone.

Consultancies, agencies, dealers, jewelry stores, watch shops, watchmakers

It will no longer be necessary to use an insurance management program.

- Your employees will work with a tool that speeds up and automates tasks and functions (sending emails, tasks, claims management, policy status, upcoming renewals...).

- Your users will finally be able to price the policy they are looking for instantly,

-They have access to a platform where they can recalculate as many times as necessary, contract whenever they want...

You can create a structure of partners and channels that allows you to grow and always have control over each of them.

- You can mirror the network, assigning roles and tasks to view each partner's data (quotes, sales, bonuses etc.).

- You can make massive changes in the rates and quotes of your partners.'s technology API is designed for seamless integration, adapting to your technology and financial methodology.

Its effectiveness will grow, giving you the ability to become a more competitive bank or financial institution, engage with more users and increase margins and profits.

An api that breaks the competition and improves the profitability of lenders.

Embedded insurance for insurance operating companies

Embedded insurance is positioned as the most avant-garde operation in insurance distribution at a global level for insurance companies.

This is why it allows insurance brokers to solve a clear problem of policy distribution, adapting the business to a system where it is the insurance that adapts to the client, and not the other way around, as has traditionally been seen.

Scaling up insurance sales effortlessly

Why choose is the insurtech that is revolutionizing the insurance brokerage sector and any business thanks to its proposal of embedded insurance, making simple what until now seemed complex.

With a team of professionals that combines a great experience in the insurance sector, combined knowledge of insurance sales and digital advancement.

We keep updated versions of our tool for you to get the most out of it.

Our digital solutions are adaptable to any company, regardless:

Discover our functionalities

The options offered by our embedded insurance system are limitless. Regardless of your business type and size, goes a step further and helps you in selling your insurance.

You will have a system for automating and incorporating the platform and its quotation (rate calculator) in any web, app or platform you use. This way, you will be able to sell insurance easily.

Our platform for selling insurance is a pioneer in the automation and distribution of sales digitally and instantly. In addition to digitizing sales, service, procurement, claims...
There is no insurance software on the market today that offers as many benefits as and is 100% customizable.Our features address the needs of end users, brokers and insurers alike.
It has never been easier to effectively manage and control your customer relationships. The advantages of automation thanks to our insurance saas provides the scalability of your business.
With our insurance sales program, your team will be relieved of most tasks, reducing onboarding and development time to just a few weeks.

Our solutions can be integrated into any web, platform or app. You don't need to have any technical knowledge, nor do you need to develop any function or technological development on your part and, thanks to our CRM for insurance and its high level of customization and configuration, no one will notice that it is an external solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a technological solution that is embedded in your website, app or digital platform, whose function is to provide automation and technological development to companies.

Of course. Our technology makes insurance distribution easy and profitable for any company, no matter if your business does not belong to the insurance sector. Thanks to our integration API you will be able to sell policies to your customers without even needing to have a website or digital platform.

It will give you a competitive advantage in this increasingly strong market. The benefits of embedded insurance for businesses is that it greatly facilitates the automation of the simplest processes (queries, claims management, claims, notifications …) which means significant cost savings for companies.

Experience, dedication and vision are skills with which we bring value to the product we offer as an integrated system to help companies achieve their goals. 

We are pioneers in offering a technological solution fully customizable to the business and adaptable to the customers of that company, strengthening lasting relationships with users.

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