How to organize an insurance brokerage

Organizing an insurance brokerage is not an easy task, but with a little work and the right approach, the company can become an efficient and profitable brokerage.

To do this, as always, a good structure and well-defined planning objectives must be created. It is also necessary to take into account the creation of protocols to be fulfilled and a common goal for everyone, which can be achieved thanks to defined strategies.


Organization in the insurance sector, the key to success

Proper organization is critical to the success of any business. There are many keys, strategies and guides to ensure business success. But at, we are going to give you a series of steps so that you can make your brokerage profitable thanks to a previous and well-structured organization…

Steps to follow to organize your insurance brokerage

What many entrepreneurs do not understand is that it takes much more than being good at the insurance industry in particular to run an insurance brokerage. That’s why good business organization is essential to achieve your goals. Here are some steps to achieve it.

Plan your brokerage objectives

Planning the objectives of an insurance brokerage will help us to be clear about such important aspects of the company as the mission, vision and values that define it. It is not possible to carry out actions and measure your results correctly without a previous planning of objectives.

Defining your objectives may be a simple task, but it is a process that should not be taken lightly, as it will determine the why and how of a company’s actions. One of the most commonly used methodologies for this task is the SMART methodology, which entails a series of points for the objectives


If you are interested in knowing in depth, How to Plan Objectives for an Insurance Brokerage? Follow us, we will tell you.

Create a business plan

Creating a business plan will not only help you to have a better vision of your brokerage strategy, but it will also help you to clearly see who will be responsible for each objective and what you hope to achieve with each one.

This will also allow you to check at any time if you are executing the plan accordingly, if you are getting closer to your objectives and if there is anything that needs to be changed.

This tool is not just a simple document, it is a way of putting your own project in writing to identify strengths, needs and, above all, to present it in case you need advice or funding.

Among the advantages of drawing up a business plan for an insurance brokerage is to avoid wasting resources on rent, salaries and raw materials that are bought ‘by intuition’: the business plan also provides performance indicators to correct the course or, in the worst case, to cancel the project in time so as not to lose more money.

Hence the need for good planning at the time of its creation.

Define rules to be followed

It is advisable to set guidelines and restrictions that help regulate the operations of an insurance company.

It is also recommended to define predetermined rules that will allow you to run your company smoothly and provide an advantage in structuring the organization, both for you and your employees. By following frequent regulations, your brokerage will be efficient over time.

Why have business rules? Apart from ensuring the functioning of the processes, these rules:

  1. They standardize and help processes flow more quickly, in an automated way, without the need for employees to intervene manually, such as using insurance sales platforms. Thus, there is a huge gain in agility, quality and efficiency, from the elimination of repetitive or dispensable steps and the loss of time and resources, also reducing costs.
  2. They help to control processes, because if something goes against the rules, the failure can be detected and corrected quickly.
  3. They help decision making and compliance with pre-established strategies.

Document all your work

Documentation allows you to record every step in your insurance business so that everyone responsible for its execution is clear on what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

What is the purpose of documenting all your work?

Documentation will help you to keep track of the entire process during the organization of your insurance brokerage. The ultimate goal is to adapt the strategy and improve performance.

Some of the advantages that documenting processes can offer you are:

Eliminate errors
Decrease time spent on tasks
Reduce implementation and development costs
Save resources associated with functions
Improve efficiency
Improve project quality

Documentation in your insurance company will make it easier for others to understand the behavioral and attitudinal changes needed to achieve the desired results.

Digitize your business as much as possible

Today’s digitalization of insurance firms is indisputable, because with it you can increase your client portfolio by helping you do what so many partners and firm managers are already doing: accelerate business digitalization to increase efficiency, offer a more valuable service, improve client acquisition and management, and even streamline internal processes.

That’s why we’ve decided to unveil the keys to digitizing any advisory firm.

While there are many reasons to start digitizing your practice, often the most decisive ones are:

  • Information in digital format
  • Maximum internal connectivity
  • Automation

Perhaps you would like to know more about how to digitize your business. In this article we tell you in more detail. Step by step:Keys to digitize your consulting business.

Manages workload

Managing the workload in an organization is essential for its effective functioning. That’s why workload planning must be done well for both managers and employees, and by eliminating as much work stress as possible, so that your team members can perform their duties at 100%.

When workloads are well managed and deadlines are reasonable, employees enjoy a better work-life balance and can perform at their best.

Some of the tips for managing this are:

Determine capacity levels.
Divide the work among the entire team
Adjust tasks and be flexible
Make use of appropriate workload management tools

Benefits of organizing your brokerage

Maintaining organization in the workplace is extremely important for any business that desires greater productivity and quality, as it allows you to improve your profitability and income, producing better living conditions, comfort and peace of mind.

Some of the benefits are:

Increases productivity and revenue

With an organization plan in your business, you will obtain a considerable performance and an increase in productivity. In addition, your brand image and service will be enhanced by projecting a good hierarchy, structure and internal management to your customers.

Reduces stress and unforeseen events

With a defined organization, management, direction and decision making is simplified, since it considerably reduces unforeseen events and errors so that they can be more controlled, giving way to be able to solve them more effectively.

On the other hand, the stress of your employees would be reduced as your company is organized, thus improving productivity.

Saves time

We know that “time is money”, and in the business world that phrase is no exaggeration. Considering the high level of competition in today’s market, this is still very true.

Thus, with a good organization and planning of processes, it is possible to optimize the task routine, sticking exactly to the plan and thus reducing downtime and unproductivity. Good results will be a direct consequence of this organization.

Improve your focus

This organizational methodology allows you to start from the premise that the results you want to achieve are achieved more efficiently when the activities to be performed and the necessary resources are managed as a process.

Therefore, improving your focus results in obtaining the results at the lowest possible cost, managing the activities and resources you need as a process.

And how do you do that?

By using a process flow, if you improve your focus on the objectives to be achieved and tasks of the most important activities, you can achieve

  1. Define the object of the process, i.e. what is the purpose of the process.
  2. To know how a case starts
  3. To know how a process ends
  4. To know who is responsible for the process
  5. To define the controls and records to be put in place
  6. Process indicators
  7. To identify the possible risks of non-compliance with the process.

This is why if you study your processes well with this organizational methodology, you will get a basis to optimize them and make your business more efficient.

Now that you know how to organize your insurance brokerage, you just need to get going and start applying it in your business. This organizational system will allow you to work more efficiently, effectively, and also if you combine it with AI and insurance sales automation, your company will begin to have remarkable results in a short time.

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