Steps to start selling insurance online

More and more brokerages and agents are turning to the Internet for insurance distribution. Today, online sales are within the reach of any business. Creating a website, launching an advertising campaign on social networks or Google Ads… are just some of the options that can be used without the need for a large budget. Even so, it is important to highlight the importance of having a specific insurance marketing plan that justifies the actions to be carried out.

Have a website

Whether you like it or not, today who does not have a website does not exist. Having a page where you have all the information relevant to the insurance you offer, providing answers to the most common questions, embedding automatic quotation systems that allow you to get leads…

Think about it: How many times a day do you search on Google? What if those users searching for insurance ended up on your website? It could be an interesting sales opportunity, don’t you think?

Social media

You may not find useful applications of social networks for your business right now. But what if you do in the future, don’t you think you should at least register your company name on the major portals?

If you don’t, not only do you run the risk of someone taking your name, but also that the person behind that profile publishes content that is not positive for your business image.

In addition, for paid campaigns, social networks are very useful resources for segmentation and retargeting.

Research the competition

What are they doing? Which insurances are being promoted the most on the Internet? Who are the strongest? What words and communications are they using? It is necessary to resort to tools such as Google Trends or the Google Ads keyword planner to answer the questions in this first phase.

Define your brand

By this we do not only mean indicating the insurer or insurers you are going to work with. Follow an aesthetic line, the same tone and language to communicate… This will make that, without the need of a logo, your public will be able to identify your actions.

Add to the most communicative part your value proposition: what makes you different, why they should choose you… For example, if you specialize in specific insurance for freelancers and professionals.

Be clear about who you are targeting

This step would consist of knowing your target audience in order to know who you are going to address. To do this, you must first define the following concepts:

Buyer persona

Imagine an “example person” that fits the ideal customer profile you hope to have. Age, geographic location, personal motivations, work objectives, behavioral patterns…


Determine the characteristics that these people would have in common. Devices they tend to use when looking for insurance, keywords…


It would be the number of people we are going to reach through the campaigns we launch.

Set goals

They can be established in two ways:

  • Quantitative: if measurable. Increased policy sales, increase in average premium…
  • Qualitative: if they are not so tangible goals. Brand awareness, authority in the sector…

How to set goals. SMART Formula

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular criteria in marketing when setting objectives:

  • Specific: try to make them as specific as possible
  • Measurable: measurable through certain indicators and KPIS
  • Attainable: be realistic and set reasonably achievable objectives
  • Relevant: choose those that are truly relevant to the customers or the business
  • Timely: to have them temporarily defined

Measure, analyze and optimize

After some time has passed, it is time to review the objectives that were previously set, have they been achieved? It is time to consult the data and draw conclusions.

If they have indeed been measurable, this task will be very easy. Enriching the analysis with extra data on web visits, rrss interaction, calls received, leads acquired… can help us make better decisions.

Of course, marketing experts have numerous measurement and analysis tools at their disposal, which we will talk about soon. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about them.

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