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What is Insurance Software?

Traditionally, insurance software is defined as a technological solution capable of digitizing daily tasks such as customer management, policies, receipts, claims, etc., facilitating sales and general distribution in the insurance sector.


Why is different from the rest?

We are much more than an online insurance sales software. We have created the first and only tool truly focused on the experience of both the end customer and the insurer or broker, including partners and networks of collaborators who decide to sell insurance (ecommerces, service websites…).

In addition, we have managed to digitize and automate all processes, making it possible to scale insurance sales for any business, no matter what type of business it is.

With everyone wins: our development is easy and intuitive for everyone.

Our platform is 100% integrable in any part of your website, app or other digital support. You can customize the colors, fonts… giving it the same aesthetics as the rest.

Your customers will not notice that it is an external tool and you will not need any extra development.

You will be able to sell personalized insurance where and when the customer really needs it.

Whatever the type of company and activity, anyone can use

Insurance companies that want to digitize and automate sales and distribution processes.

Non-insurance companies looking to open new revenue streams and build customer loyalty

We are the only ones able to automate the entire sales process. Your customers will have immediate access to quote and get price instantly, recalculate as many times as needed, formalize the contract, fill in reports and documentation, configure payment method… Giving them the opportunity to enjoy a self-service channel.

All this with an intuitive tool with which they will not depend on you.

We have developed a unique tool with which, without writing any code, you will be able to enjoy useful features such as:

Customize the aesthetics to the maximum, both for your end customers and your internal team.
Embed it into your web, app or any other digital support.

Create your own embeddable quotes and special offers

Set automation rules for email and WhatsApp sending

Nuestra plataforma está pensada para ponérselo fácil a todos cuantos la usen:

– Los clientes que quieren calcular precios, consultar los seguros que tienen disponibles, revisar el estado de sus pólizas…
– Los trabajadores /colaboradores que necesitan un panel de control que les agilice sus tareas diarias.
– La aseguradora que quiere tener control y acceder a datos masivos.

Enable on your own domain name, create your own quotation forms, add your corporate colors, logo, fonts… And keep your brand’s aesthetics in line!

With our omnichannel communication system you will be able to interact with your customers through emails, phone calls, live chats and WhatsApp messages.

The best part? You will have a view of all interactions carried out through the history. You will be able to serve your customers in an easy and agile way in any context. not only solves the work of those who sell insurance, but also aims to ensure the highest quality of service for the end customer.

They will also have a platform where they can manage their insurance independently, quote, send documentation, contract instantly, check the status of their policies, declare claims… A self-service channel for the customer that not only reduces service costs, but also creates positive associations and helps to build customer loyalty.

Thanks to our configuration, you will be able to set up and embed in a matter of minutes. Once created, you will have the possibility to customize it by indicating the colors that correspond to your brand identity, its fonts, logo and its variants, favicon…

Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to configure the scope of our solution to the needs of your business. You will be able to choose where to embed and in which way, which functionalities to choose, which tasks you want us to take care of…


Our design is focused on user experience and usability. Anyone who uses our platform will know how to use it intuitively.

In addition, anyone will have access to a user manual with answers to frequently asked questions.

No cost, no development and ultra fast

What does offer? offers you a valid platform for any type of business that wants to sell insurance in a profitable and easy way.

You will not have to allocate resources and you will offer your customers what they really need at the most relevant time, without depending on schedules or third parties. You will give them the option of being totally autonomous in the management of their insurance.

Our solutions are fast and 100% adapted to all companies, regardless:

For both insurance and non-insurance companies

Advantages of using insurance software

Although there are many benefits that offers you and each company will give more importance to some or others, these are the most relevant for most of them: automates all sales and distribution processes. You will be able to increase your customer base, since it will not be so time consuming to serve them.

You will save time and resources in terms of operations, customer service, claims management, sending documentation… and you will be able to dedicate yourself to other tasks.

Digitalization is advancing by leaps and bounds in all sectors. This is raising the expectations of your customers, who want to have everything at their fingertips on their mobile or computer and to do business online whenever they want, wherever they want.

In the case of insurance, even though it is a market that moves more than 6 billion euros, its digital trend has only just begun. Why not join and benefit from being one of the first? Your growth margin will be much higher than it will be in a few years’ time.


How many companies do you know that already have a 100% technological solution? You will provide your end customers, employees and even networks of collaborators with a really useful and easy-to-use digital tool.

Thanks to our API you will be able to synchronize your data with any application, all we need is your API!


Who is the target audience? is valid for any business, regardless of its sales volume, type of activity or digital level. For this reason, we make the following divisions:

Tech & Insurance enablers

Non-insurance companies

You will have the opportunity to complement your products with an extra value. Your customers need to take out insurance to protect what they have bought in your online store, so why not offer it yourself? You can choose between:

- Offer it as an extra

- Include it within the product you offer

Cell phone stores, appliance stores, dealers...

What if your customers wanted to protect themselves by taking out insurance for the service they have contracted with you? If you were the one offering it, you would reinforce your image as a specialist and improve the satisfaction rate.

Travel websites

Do you have a traditional business but want to start selling insurance effortlessly? is valid for any technological profile. You know your customers and you know what they need, reward their trust by giving them access to the platform so they can take care of it themselves or manage it yourself from your personal area.

You don't need to have a website, our platform is not only embeddable but also independent.


Tech enablers

Companies operating in insurance

You will be able to create a structure of partners and channels that will allow you to grow and have control of each one at any time.

- You will be able to mirror your network, assign roles and owners and consult the data of each of your partners (quotes, sales, average premiums...).

- You will be able to modify the rates and quotes of your partners in a massive way.

You will no longer need to resort to any insurance software.

- Your employees will work with a tool that will streamline and automate their tasks (sending emails, tasks, claims management, policy status, upcoming renewals...).

- Your customers will finally be able to calculate their price online, have access to a platform where they can recalculate as many times as they need, contract whenever they want...

Scaling up insurance sales effortlessly

Discover our functionalities

Whatever functionality you are looking for, adapts to all of them. We are much more than:

We have created automation and embedded systems with which you will be able to sell insurance effortlessly. No matter if you are an insurance or non-insurance business, we adapt to your type of activity and technological profile.

We are the first platform that has managed to digitize all insurance sales and distribution processes from start to finish. From acquisition to sale, including other post-sales processes such as claims management, information updating, collection queries...

We replace any insurance technology tool that exists in the market so far. Our functionalities satisfy both the end customer and the intermediaries and insurer. Marketing tools, synchronization with any platform, embedded quotation systems, tracking pixels...

Our CRM for insurance will allow you to manage your relationships with your customers and intermediaries in an easy way through tasks and alerts.

We have become the most complete solution in the market, offering a program to sell insurance with options adapted to all levels and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the characteristic of our solutions to integrate into your web, app or any digital support without your customers noticing that it is an external tool that does not require technological development on your part.

Our technology goes beyond the traditional meaning of integration. We digitize and streamline the sale of any insurance to sell insurance.

Absolutely yes. Our technology allows any business to sell insurance profitably and easily. You will not have to allocate resources and you will offer your customers what they really need at the most relevant time.

Our API will give instant pricing and make it possible to take out the policy in less than 5 minutes.’s solutions are fast and 100% adapted to any company, no matter what:

– Type of business activity

– Size and volume of business

– Technological level

Our technology goes beyond the traditional integrable meaning. We digitize and streamline the sale of any insurance to sell insurance.

Competition in this sector is tough and gaining the trust of customers can be a difficult task. In this situation, actions such as providing them with the best experience in terms of agility, ease of communication, complaint resolution… are very effective.

For this task, using’s platform is the best decision. Thanks to its technology, all these tasks can be carried out without losing time or personalized treatment.

Its system allows potential customers to follow up on opportunities, automate activities and send emails and WhatsApp…

The process will start with the customer quoting the price of the policy they need.

The data will be recorded and reflected in your administration panel, where you will be able to track and qualify the type of user involved.

Once you contract with us, we will be able to access your information at any time to check the status of payments, next renewal, among others.

The possibilities do not end here. With our development you will be able to:

– Know the origin of the registration (if they accessed your website organically, through a campaign on social networks, thanks to a mailing…).

– Automate alerts when the renewal is near.

– Customize email and WhatsApp message templates

– Change the stage of the sales cycle you are in

– Check the productivity of your employees

– Registration of new business opportunities

– Customer information assigned to the business opportunity

– History of the user’s evolution in the sales cycle

– Task management

– Block to add customer notes

– Segmentation

– Claims management

– Live chats

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